Welcome to Airbrush Tanning Florida

AA_0_007The Short Story: We are a family owned business that has gone through the process of making airbrush tanning successful in our own salon, BODY WRAP OF WINTER PARK.  Sharing our knowledge and experiences and helping many others to be up, running and delivering great airbrush tans, and enjoying the fruits of their labors in the shortest time possible was the impetus for the creation of AIRBRUSH TANNING FLORIDA.

Back in Fall of 2001 we wasted months trying the major brands of airbrush tanning solutions on friends and family (we volunteered our five children), and experienced everything from smelly and sticky to orange, dull color or no color at all, never mind the cloudy mists most produced. In January 2002 we partnered with chemist and created a formula for a DHA tanning solution that works beautifully every time. (Since then the formula has been tweaked several times to incorporate ingredients that nourish the skin or enhance color longevity.)

Our customers were just as thrilled as we were. Word started to spread far and wide and soon calls were coming in from all over, even places like Australia, England, South America, France, and Canada. People wanted to know how to start their own airbrush tanning business or add it to their existing businesses. In addition to answers to their many questions, they needed equipment, products, and training.

AIRBRUSH TANNING FLORIDA was created to help others duplicate the success of our Winter Park, Florida shop in their own hometowns by providing equipment, training in airbrushing techniques, the same premium DHA tanning solutions we have now airbrushed over 70,000 customers with, companion products and support. By August 2003 our family of AIRBRUSH TANNING FLORIDA professional service providers were delivering gorgeous tans in 26 states (including Alaska!) as well as South America, Canada and France.

After 14 years of serving thousands of central Florida customers, BODY WRAP OF WINTER PARK closed in December 2014 in order to allow exploration of long anticipated and unrelated opportunities outside of Florida.

AIRBRUSH TANNING FLORIDA is still located in Winter Park and continues to supply outstanding products to professional service providers in the airbrush tanning industry.

If you are interested in airbrush tanning as a business:

For those who wish to pursue airbrush tanning as a business opportunity … at this time none of our Airbrush Tanning Florida Certified Trainers are offering training due to time constraints. This is the result of training efforts proving to be more time intensive and less financially rewarding than the day to day business of providing airbrush tans. Time and again we have witnessed that once an airbrush tanning business really takes off, the first causality is the training side of the house. Please check back from time to time as providers often earn their training certification and are sometimes willing to train those other than their staff.